Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

“A smile equal 10 dose tonic”, but if you have a beautiful smile, then the benefit is not just a simple supplement. With the growing technology, aesthetic dentistry will bring you countless useful solutions. Not only will your teeth be healthy, it will also give you a full happy smile.

Khanh Phuc Dental Clinic with 20 years of dental restoration treatment. We strongly believe that when you use any of the services in the aesthetic dentistry group at our clinic, you will be very pleased.

The most common problems today are “denouncing” the deteriorating oral beauty, and you need to go straight to aesthetic dentistry, what are they?

  • Stained yellow teeth, or tarnished by the effects of Tetracylin
  • Broken teeth, cracked teeth.
  • Protruding or underbite, deviated teeth.
  • Gummy smile for any reason.
  • Loss of teeth or irregular size of teeth, sparse teeth.

With today’s advanced techniques in dentistry, the doctors will be great salvager for you. The methods used in aesthetic dentistry such as orthodontics, porcelain crown, veneer, teeth whitening, composite aesthetics fillings, gummy smile treatment … will help you more confident with standards smile and beautiful radiance.

You can’t choose where you were born, but you always choose how beautiful you are. And the teeth are the most beautiful to affect the success of your life.

For example, you can consult with your treating doctor about porcelain crowns/ veneer designs that match your face. You can choose the color of your teeth to help you blowing brilliant vitality…

And it is important to note, choose a reputable aesthetic dentist to send full faith.

What is good aesthetic dentistry in District 7?

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many dental clinics available to serve you. However, in order to evaluate which location to choose for treatment, you will have to be somewhat confused.

So, just follow some tips below, you can confidently go to a dental clinic, soon to have a perfect smile:

  • A referral from a loved one has successfully aesthetic dental.
  • The team of doctors have many years of practical experience in the industry. Have a professional training certificate in the field you are interested in.
  • The clinic is fully equipped with modern machinery, equipment and right standards.
  • In particular, aesthetic dentistry requires combining a variety of oral aesthetic services together. Therefore, if the clinic has a combination of treatments such as braces, implants, dental porcelain crowns or porcelain Veneer … This will be very convenient for you, because it will give you a best comprehensive solution.
  • And equally important, is the cost of treatment and post-treatment care for patients. Depending on your ability, choosing where to treat quality and fit money is something that people always look forward to.

Khanh Phuc Dental Clinic – Doctor Vo Dinh Trong, graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy HCM City, formerly a specialized director. With over 20 years of experience, help more than 20,000 patients find happiness and meaning in their lives.


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