Teeth whitening help you have a bright smile

Teeth whitening help you have a bright smileTeeth whitening help you have a bright smile

What makes you was fascinated when meeting with someone opposite? Surely more than 80% of all answers will revolve around “sunshine smile”. What is the prerequisite for you to possess this powerful smile? It is a bright white teeth and regular size. Teeth whitening is a way to help you make a “dream” quickly. In […]

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

“A smile equal 10 dose tonic”, but if you have a beautiful smile, then the benefit is not just a simple supplement. With the growing technology, aesthetic dentistry will bring you countless useful solutions. Not only will your teeth be healthy, it will also give you a full happy smile. Khanh Phuc Dental Clinic with […]

General Dentistry

general dentistry

Why do you often hear the message of 6 months for a general dentistry appointment? This advice is not redundant. Regular dental care is needed to prevent early detection of dental diseases such as periodontal disease, decay teeth, etc., for timely treatment and reduction of harmful consequences. What are the general dentistry problems? Get a […]

Porcelain crowns provide perfect beauty

When you have dental problems, bad enamel, broken … usually you will think of the porcelain crown. Because this is a method of aesthetic prosthetics is very popular in the world. Porcelain crowns not only help you regain confidence about the beauty of your teeth but also many other benefits. We learn about this method […]