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Dental Implant are a great advance in oral health. Previously, the patients in Vietnam when losing teeth just rely on the dentures to disassemble. Then about 12 years ago, dental implants became excellent help for this situation.

Why is dental implant surgery so wonderful like that?

In the world, dental implant has appeared for many decades. However, it was not until 1965 that this method achieved great success on human beings. And become a method of restoring aesthetic integrity as well as function like real teeth. Bring great performance and long lasting.

Why is dental implant surgery so wonderful like that?

Dental implants are made from pure, benign and compatible human Titanium materials. The outward appearance of the implant is simulated as a true root, measuring 3mm-6mm in diameter and 8-15mm in length.

This metal root implant is implanted directly into the jawbone of the patient, in place of the missing teeth, which replaces the real tooth root.

Why is dental implant surgery so wonderful like that?

After a few months, the metal post and jawbone are stable and well integrated. The doctor will make the porcelain crown on the implant and complete the process of implantation the teeth.

The success of dental implant depends on what?

Dental implants are rated success at over 96% and are influenced by many factors. In particular, it is important to mention the quality of the jaw bone, the associated medical condition, and the workmanship of the doctor.

Therefore, from the beginning of consulting, to the actual status in each patient. Dr. Vo Dinh Trong – Khanh Phuc Dental Clinic has put the careful factor and always bring peace of mind to the customers.

The application of modern techniques such as CT-Conebeam examines the three-dimensional space and accurately evaluates the patient’s jaw health. Combined with other influencing factors to give advice on which implants are best suited and which treatment plan is optimal. Therefore, the result of the lost dental treatment is always the highest quality.

What will you receive when do dental implant at Khanh Phuc dental clinic?

Restore lost teeth. The charm of the smile will return to you.

Rehabilitation of chewing food like real teeth. The teeth are as strong as never before, and the food sensor is as good as real teeth.

Prevents bone loss. No longer wrinkles your face and looks older.

Maintain firmness for the jaw bone structure and adjacent teeth. Prevent the movement of teeth to the area of missing teeth, or the risk of losing teeth.

Dental Implant will not need to grind your teeth around as a method of dental porcelain. Therefore preserve the integrity of adjacent teeth.

A healthy tooth provides a healthy body.