Porcelain crowns provide perfect beauty

When you have dental problems, bad enamel, broken … usually you will think of the porcelain crown. Because this is a method of aesthetic prosthetics is very popular in the world. Porcelain crowns not only help you regain confidence about the beauty of your teeth but also many other benefits.

We learn about this method of porcelain crowns as follows

In fact, there are many cases transform spectacularly in the end helping from the method of porcelain crowns. However, does any case also apply to this method?

The answer is: depending on the damage situation of the teeth.

In some cases it is recommended to use porcelain crowns:

  • Your teeth break down the corner, or chipped edge.
  • Teeth treated decay, or have been treated dental pulp.
  • Sparse teeth or wrong size (rabbit teeth)
  • Deviant teeth or deviated bite and you want to have results faster than performing orthodontic.
  • Protruding teeth or underbite at light level
  • Teeth are affected by the side effects of antibiotics, which conventional bleaching methods are not effective.
  • Aesthetic porcelain crowns bring perfect beauty
Porcelain crowns provide perfect beauty
Porcelain crowns provide perfect beauty

Advantages of porcelain crown method

Aesthetic restoration for oral health. Obviously, this is the first and most obvious benefit of porcelain crowns. When you accidentally innumerable types of bad teeth such as broken, chipped … teeth deviated, color is not bright will certainly not be confident in communication. Choose a porcelain crown that will help you “cure” bad teeth and confidently show off your new teeth with perfect beauty.

Rehabilitation of chewing food properly. This is a very important criterion in the quality of your life. When the teeth are deviated or chipped … the bite of the teeth will be affected. When the bite is wrong, it is likely that your chewing will be much more difficult. Food is not crushed, the body will be more difficult to absorb, and the stomach also have to work harder to digest them. And if you make the porcelain crown, the bite has been adjusted to correct the standard, eating chewing easier. Everything that is solved wonderful.

Convenient and safe for health. The porcelain material used is a special dental porcelain material that does not affect our health. The durability of porcelain teeth is not affected by food acids, not get stained color like your real tooth enamel.

Long-term use. No matter what product you use, the durability factor over time will be important to you. Today’s porcelain crowns give you extremely high quality products. If you have good care, then porcelain teeth can last up to 15-20 years.

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